Using AMEX Cards at an Online Casino

Many online gaming sites offer American Express (AMEX) as a method for depositing money. Since this is another type of credit card, the deposit method is similar to using Visa or MasterCard. AMEX provides a convenient and quick deposit method at online gaming sites which is much less frustrating than other deposit methods.

Important Points to Remember

One point to remember is that AMEX is not accepted at all online casinos. Also, not all gaming sites are as efficient as processing AMEX transactions as others. Therefore, it is important to select the correct casino when choosing to make a deposit. This is common amongst players from the United States.

Another tip is that all online casinos that accept Visa also accept MasterCard. However, these may not also accept AMEX cards because the merchant accounts for processing credit card transactions differs between Visa/MasterCard and AMEX.

How to Use an AMEX Card

For those online casinos that accept this type of deposit method, it is simple to use. You simply enter your information and hit the submit button to process the transaction. Ensure you have the card in front of you even if it is stored by the casino because they will require your security code from the front.

This security code verifies you have the card in front of you. For example, if an individual acquires your credit card number and expiration but does not have the card in front of them, they will be unable to use it in an online transaction.

AMEX Security

Overall, American Express provides excellent security measures to their customers. The company implements enough security for online transactions to make it extremely difficult for outsiders to steal credit card information. All processed online transactions utilize 128-plus bit SSL encryption. This ensures card data transferred across the internet is safe.

AMEX is an excellent option for those looking to make large deposits at online gaming sites because they typically have higher limits for American Express Platinum Card or an AMEX Black Cards. Also, online casinos that accept AMEX will permit players to make higher-than-usual deposits using the card. This is all dependent on a fax back form for proof of ownership.

When a casino offers AMEX to all players as a deposit method, it is the best way to transfer money due to the many security functions. Hopefully in the future, it will become the preferred method of deposit at all online gaming sites.